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How To Walk in High Heels

This post is mostly bits & pieces I’ve collected in my brain for the past 2 months. School & life have been weighing me down, but I’m back! & ready to blog like crazy. 

I ordered some books from amazon a couple weeks ago, & I am super pumped to read them. Here are a few:

The Sartorialist


The Sartorialist is a blog run by Scott Shuman. It is based upon photographs that Scott takes around the world, centering on the major fashion capitals. His shots of “inspirational” people, in beautiful clothing have wowed the fashion community. The book is a collection of his personal favourites, and is available in most bookstores. http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/1069Leo3733Web

A photograph from a recent blog post. 

Another must have is WhoWhatWear. Again, another book based on a fashion blog. In this case, the blog WhoWhatWear run by Katerine Power, and Hillary Kerr. The book contains beauty and styling tips, loosely influenced by the blog. http://www.whowhatwear.com/website/aboutus.php

Last up, is the one I cannot wait to dig into: Influence by Mary-Kate Olsen. I LOVELOVELOVE, the twins style! It seems to be perfectly represented in this artsy, eclectic, mish-mash of inspirations brought together into a book. 


I’ll read and review all the books and let you know if they are any good ASAP!


I found a really cool photographer named Marilyn Minter. She recently collaberated with MAC and took this stunning picture. For more info, Google her name.


Here are some of her other amazing shots



What’s your favourite store? Mine is Holt Renfrew, I’m an all Canadian girl(: They have such a retro-vibe. It feels like you’re shopping in the glamour of the 50’s. They still shoot and send out fantastic look-books or catalogues, and have a cafe, personal shoppers, and exclusive brands. Although they have a knack for all vintage traditions, they are proving their aptitude for technology. They recently launched a video featuring top models Coca Rocha (ahem, Canadian?), and Behati Prinsloo. It is so authentically Holts! Shot in Toronto’s own Gladstone Hotel, the video brings old school swagger to the evolving world of fashion and beauty. This video inspired me so much, that I tried to take still images of the whole thing. Too bad they are tres blurry. I LOVE it. I am just itching to get into Holts this season. Oh, and P.S, that fab music it is set to? The reeling by Passion Pit. http://www.holtrenfrew.com/holts/pages/video/womens-fall-2009-vignette.dot?language_id=1

While on the topic of Holts, I’d like to share my Fall/Winter wish list (all the items can be purchased there).

1. J-brand cigarette jeans. $159.00


2. Ankle boots. Coach or BCBG perhaps?

3. Leather Gloves. Coach for sure. $98.00


4. Cashmere sweater. Not completely sure? Thinking Autumn Cashmere or Hayden… $250.00


5. Bib necklace. Honestly no clue…. ? 


Juicy Couture $228.00


Free People $198.00

6. Geek Glasses; I was told I needed glasses, so I thought, why not make a statement? Ray-ban is essential.


7. STILL want a boyfriend blazer. Or a blazer of any kind really. Refer to older posts:)


Lastly for today, I got 3 fish and an aquatic frog. I’m trying to think of creative fashion-forward names for them. Help? Much appreciated.

“The difference between style and fashion is quality”- Giorgio Armani

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Current Obsessions

I am dying to see all the new fall movies! In particular the two fashion films, The September Issue, and Coco avant Chanel. The first is a documentry that follows Anna Wintour as she assembles the notoriously juicy september issue of Vogue. Is she really as catty as the devil wears Prada? We will see… The latter is a bioepic of Coco Chanel before she was famous, starring the ever-glamorous Audrey Tautou. Here are the previews:




This movie may look silly but it’s based on my favorite childhood book: Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. I was pretty darn obsessed. cloudy-with-a-chance-of-meatballs


I am also proud to announce the discovery of a really amazing line. Well, it’s a first for me at least…

Introducing Alternative Apparel; kind of like American Apparel, just not so 80’s grotesque, more timeless grandfather? If that makes sense… Only one problem; they don’t have actual stores, so you can only order online or buy at select retailers. But the brand refuses to list what stores sell the brand because it breaks “confidentiality”, OKAY.

Here are some of my favorites:



Another fantastic find: WhoWhatWear. Probably the best style blog around. It has everything and anything; and if you find a picture of an outfit you like, you can email it to them and they’ll play detective to find what label it is!



Whistles, is a UK based high street store that offers a variety of wonderfully made knits, dresses, trousers, jeans, accesories, and tops. The price points are medium, but the pieces are top quality.



“fashion always moves forward”- Anna Wintour

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