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So summer’s here(:

& I’ve devised a list of all the things I want to do in the 85 days left until school starts again! Enjoy


1. run through sprinklers

2. have a blast for my sweet sixteen

3. go to wonderland twice

4. wildwaterworks(:

5. piano/limo/pool jams

6. go to the movies… for an entire day!

7. order every type of donut/timbit at tims and eat ALL of them

8. read all the hp books in one week

9. purple pony

10. actually talk to my parents

11. read “claudius, god”

12. NYC , nuff said

13. make a baileys ice cream sundae

14. bonfire to roast marshmallows over burning school books

15. tent party

16. beach at least twice:D

17. G1 & learn to drive

18. go crazy during a thunderstorm… outside

19. UP!

20. have a sad/scary movie marathon with the girls

21. cactus fest

22. mess around with makeup and have a photo shoot

23. run a lemonade stand

24. visit ikea

25. slip n’slide!

26. watergun fight

27. have lifechats on someone’s lawn

28. candycorn please

29. wonderland water park

30. make a peace sign with all the bestie’s hands

31. swing like I have never swung before

32. CNE!!

33. bike rides

34. blow up a gazillion balloons and release them with a message

35. watch all episodes of friends in a 24 hour marathon

36. have life chats with parentals

37.fireworks MANIA

38. tubing

39. walk a dog

40. bake up a storm, and eat it all with frans

41. laugh asses off at old yearbooks

42. drop an icecream cone/throw it at someone

43. see MGMT at wonderland

Just for your enjoyment I’ve included the summery-est pictures I could find!

& I will make a to do list page with this list, and cross items off as I go(:

14232_1047888931274_1647210031_130736_1759354_n215087724_d733e1151a721704_hero3537105459_2040ab0ee6beachCaseyKeyBeachCopy (2) of 52c6xb4swingswings

“here’s to the nights where the sand is your seat,
the waves kiss your feet, your friends outnumber the stars,
and even the chilliest of nights, are still warmer
than the cold one in your hand.”

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