This is my music page. The top is most recent and the bottom is oldest.

My only piece of advice?

Share your music with the world. Support the artists you love. An “exclusive” or “unknown” band makes almost  no money. Help make them sellouts.


*Somebody to Love- Leighton Meester

*Time to Win- Down With Webster

*Animal- Neon Trees

*Like a G6- Far East Movement

*Countdown- Phoenix

*17- Sky Ferreira

*Fire in My New Shoes- Kaskade

*Shark in the Water- V.V Brown

*Dead Hearts- Stars

*Angel in the Night- Basshunter

*Cash Cash- Sugar Rush

*Fallin Apart- All American Rejects

*Island of the Honest Man- Hot Hot Heat

*Tetris- DaCaV5

*You Owe Me an IOU- Hot Hot Heat

*Friday Night- The Click Five


*Books and Letters- Morning Light

*Give Me Anything- The Maine

*If I Only Had The Heart- The Maine

*Jerk It- Thunderheist

* Mad World- Gary Jules

*Morning Tide- The Little Ones

*The Way We Talk- The Maine

*Where Were You- Every Avenue

*Paper Chase- The Academy Is…

*Automatic Eyes- The Academy Is…

*Summer Hair- Forever Young

*Myriad Harbor- The New Pornographers

*The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance- Vampire Weekend

*Do it Alone- Sugarcult

“get lost in the music, get so lost you can’t find your way out; and you might just meet yourself and help yourself out”- anon


S o I thought I’d give you some timeless classics to listen to; and some new stuff too:)

*There She Goes- The La’s

*Miserable at Best- Mayday Parade

*Like Knives – The Fashion

*Daylight- Matt&Kim

*Dumb- Nirvana

*Stairway to Heaven- Led Zepplin

*Cheap & Cheerful- The Kills

*Club Thing- Yoav

*Time is Running Out- Muse

*One Week of Danger- The Virgins

*Gypsy Kings- Samba

*Gypsy Kings- Baila Me

So it’s come to my attention that most people listen to the same top 10 hits without ever hearing different music. So every week I’m going to post some really amazing songs by unknowns and legends alike. Enjoy!

* No You Girls – Franz Ferdinand

* Check Yes Juliet – We The Kings

* Cities in Dust- Junkie XL

* Got Money – Lil Wayne (L)

* The Ice Is Getting Thinner- Death Cab For Cutie

* Wrong- Depeche Mode

* On Call- Kings of Leon


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