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Spring Awakening

Today I came to the realization that though seasons change, people do not. They always revert back to their tried and trusted looks. Time to break the mold! Along with my spring cleaning I will force myself to try new things; things that don’t involve cardigans, flats, and moccasins. Item number one? A pair of Ray-ban sunglasses (like the ones I got for my prescription glasses). Number two? Brogues. Number 3? Lace. With nothing underneath. Rebel. Four? Some proper pants. As in not jeans or leggings. Good old fashioned pants. Five? A floral print blouse (it doesn’t sound innovative, but trust me, it is for me…). Six? A bright colour. I am so tired of wearing blacks, beiges, grays, and creams! If you can think of any other classy but interesting look, let me know. I am up for anything unless it involves less than 50% clothing, or head to toe leather. Ahem, classy. Just maybe “classy rebel”.

Unknown lady, Ray-bans $159.00 CAN

Brogues, Ports 1961 $395.00 US

Lace tee, American Apparel $45.00 CAN

Trousers on unknown lookbook.nu user. Wilfred.

Blouse, Patterson J. Kincaid $98.00 US

Colourful skirt, Twenty8Twelve $225.00 US

The Selena Dress

So I wore the selena dress to an event dubbed “semi-formal”.  I loved it, and am currently trying to decide where I can wear it next. A wedding perhaps? Any ideas on how I could make it work for a daytime California wedding would be appreciated.

Lists, Lists, Lists

I purchased a very pretty notebook the other day without an intended purpose. When I got home, I decided to be adventurous and attack my spring cleaning. I had a garbage pile, a keep pile, and a list pile. Yes, that’s right, I had a stack of lists. So I decided to create a book of lists. Its strangely satisfying to cross things off once they are accomplished/ bought. I think it will be quite interesting to look back on the lists years from now. Sort of like a twisted, vague diary.

P.S- my photography page is updated

Happy Easter atheists, agnostics, and theologians alike!

“Everything ends.”- Anon

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Fall Fashion Revisited

I’ve been inhaling all the September magazines, and have got a lot more things to talk about, so I’ve continued my fall fashion post. First off, I purchased the marc by marc jacobs nylon tote. LOVE IT(: But I was surprised at how large it was. I opened the package and was completely shocked. I am 5’9, and am dwarfed by it.


marc by marc jacobs nylon tote $188

I’ve also been religiously watching season 2 of Gossip Girl, which was released on DVD on Aug. 17. Only one peeve: it’s 7 discs, which adds up to about $40 at blockbuster. I could’ve bought it for $30:| Why so many? I have no clue… last year had the same amount of content and half that many. Season 3 airs Sept 14th!!!

gossip girl season 2 episode 18 s02e18


Season 2 DVD $38

I have also added an ample amount to my wish list.

Numero uno is a horozontally stripped long sleeved top. Perfect for layering in the fall.

Next up is a funky pencil case. I have no clue where to get one?!? help!

I am also craving a gray liquid liner and nail polish. The gunmetal shade is perfect for autumn.And the new matte nail polishes? FABULOUS.


YSL polish in tuxedo gray about $24


OPI matte collection $10 each


Urban Decay liquid liner in Gray $18

I have been wanting to try out the whole winged liquid liner look with red lips. But alas, my lipstick is in a sorry state. So I’ll need one of those too…


Makeupforever lipstick in blue red $19

I also really want ankle boots! But they can’t cost a fortune because I don’t really need them:)


Coach boots $180

There is so much more I want! But I’ll end my list with a fancy semi-formal dress. This one from BCBG is stunning! I saw it worn by Selena Gomez a couple months ago and fell in love. I saw it on the website yesterday and just about died.

Actress Selena Gomez attends the 23rd Annual IMAGEN Awards at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel August 21, 2008 in Beverly Hills, California.

Selena Gomez in BCBG. Love the dress, hate the shoes:| Dress $260

So that’s the end of my wish list for back to school, I’ll leave you with a few autumn beauty tips.

1. If you are tired of your summer scent but not willing to wear the powerful scents of winter, mix the two! Take a light citrus and layer it over a musky winter fragrence.

2. Make your shower ultra sensual by sprinkling a few drops of  essential oil on the floor of your shower. When you turn on the heat, the steam will release the aroma all around your body.

3. Skip choosing one feature to accentuate this September; accentuate them all! After all, 80’s makeup is back… just do it tastefully. A bright pink lip CAN be paired with an aqua liner; just keep the skin bare and brows simple.


bright lips on Alexis Bledel

4. Wear glitter around your eyes. Take a pot of cosmetics glitter and use a thin brush to line the lashes. Make sure to wet the brush or apply Vaseline beforehand to make it stick!


Makeupforver glitter $18

5. Your hair has been drying out all summer from UV rays and chlorine. Give it a break by leaving it for an extra day or two before washing. AHEM, make sure to use a dry shampoo though.

fekkai au naturel dry shampoo

Fekkai dry shampoo powder $25

“I love the confidence that makeup gives me”- Tyra Banks

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