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autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower

It is once again that time of year! Back to school, college, whatever.  No matter how much I try to depress myself over the matter, I simply cannot. Rich fabrics, dark and moody makeup, leather boots, and the feeling that anything is possible makes September exciting. Maybe this seems like a random post, consisting of a bipolar mismatch of topics; but to me they all mesh well together. Enjoy…

Sperry Top-Siders

So I know there has been a certain amount of hype surrounding these shoes, however, I grew up in boat shoes and do not find them glamourous whatsoever. That being said, I stumbled across these fabulous boots, and intend on adding them to my closet. I am already planning to wear them to a concert in October.

Sperry Top-Sider Bellport Boot- $98.00 US


Next on my wish-list? An effing sick fur vest. Not a huge one, just enough fur to look like Jackie-O on a casual day. I have no idea where to look? I did find ones from Kensie and Loft, but nothing special.

Talula Fur Vest

Grecian Inspired Dream Dress

This dress is the most gorgeous creation since the Armani Camilla Belle wore to the met ball.  I have to have it. PROBLEM. I’m blowing $1200.00 on a pair of thigh high boots and pumps. It is so beautiful though… maybe I’ll just try it on?

Alice+Olivia dress-$368.00 US

How come my blog always seems like a shopping list? Argh, I’ve got clothes on the mind. I have got to cut myself off. New topic.


Okay so let’s start with MAC (cosmetics). I bought a pro palette a few years ago, but couldn’t validate buying the special shadows that fit in the palette when I already had them in pots. I could never work my way through all the shadows still in pots, so I gave up hope, and put my pro palette at the back of my makeup drawer… until the other day when youtube helped me out. This video shows how to crack open, and depot shadows so they fit your palette; be warned, it involves hot appliances and melting glue.

Here to demonstrate how great it is to fill a pro palette is my friend Victoria. Props to you.


Next up are MAC (computers). I am almost positive I am purchasing a Macbook Pro 15.2 tomorrow. What accessories should I get? I am set on a wireless mouse, but is the Mac magic mouse really better? and what about speakers and software? ahhhhhhhhh. Tips? Help? Let me know, pleaseee.

Ta ta for now. I shall be back soon, hopefully on my new laptop…

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If you are not in fashion you are nobody,

I will finally be going shopping this weekend to get my fall fashion fix. Items on my list?  pencil jeans, ankle boots (I know everyone is excited about over-the-knee, but they just aren’t for me), a couple essentials, christmas gifts, and of course, makeup refills. Now some things I don’t necessarily need, but they make me want to empty the bank account. Scrumptiously soft leather gloves, a checkbook style wallet in red, purple, teal, or gray, a fitted black blazer, a bustier tank top, a romantic organza skirt, cocktail rings and necklaces in ridiculously oversized proportions, and ludicrously large knits. Wish me luck! P.S, I’m not actually considering buying the Christian Louboutins…. yet! I have a coin jar and I’m saving up baby!


Coach gloves- $98-128


Coach ring- $98


Coach ankle boot- $178


Jbrand pencil jeans- $220


NARS the multiple- $46

Christian Louboutin Pump- $725


Talula lace dress

Remember those glasses I wanted? Well I got them:) Ray-ban wayfarers with the UV lenses removed and my prescriptions added!

Picture 38

Lastly, I got my american apparel bag of scraps, and hopefully I’ll have some crafts to show off very soon. I was thinking a downtown quilt? 


Ok, I lied! One last thing. I got the BCBGMaxazria dress that I saw on Selena Gomez. Excited? Very!

“I dress up like it’s the eighties”- Redfoo or Skyblu, who knows?


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