Who Am I?

Good Question: Short Answer.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself”


I’m still in the making

But here’s a summery:


volleyball vogue&bazaar cosmetics artistry louboutin

delarenta wilfred maxazria currentelliot

weheartit elizabeth&james marcjacobs camillabelle photography

marilynminter vintageshopping

fashions fade, style is eternal- Yves St. Laurent


YES, my blog title was taken from Victoria Beckham’s book. But I love it, and she gets free advertising so get over it!

One response to “Who Am I?

  1. camilla belle

    so do you live in nyc ?
    we should SOOO go shopping some time !
    call me, and don’t stop blogging, you are my coffee in the morning (l)
    much love,
    p.s your friends have the weirdest names (louboutin ? , donakaren ?, balenciaga ? ) are you sure these friends are real ???
    ( oh and i think ur hot even though i havent seen a pic of u but looks don’t matter its the person that u are hotty)

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