Lyrics I Love

Top down in the summer sun, day we met was like a hit & run, & I still taste it on my tongue, the sky was burning up like fireworks, you made me want you oh so bad it hurt, I used to be love drunk, but now I’m hungover, love you forever, forever is over- Love Drunk, Boys Like Girls

Slowly searching, for any sign of the ones he used to love, says he’s got nothing left to live for, & this time I think you’ll know. You’re not alone, there’s more to this I know, you can make it out, you will live to tell- You’re Not Alone, Saosin

Don’t stand by, If you don’t like what you see. So once satisfied, no I won’t take what you said to me. Give me some time, give me some reason. Make up your mind, cool off the fever. Drama must die, so give me some way to salvage this life, finally it’s over.- The New Cities, Dead End Countdown

3 responses to “Lyrics I Love

  1. sarah

    hi would you mind letting us know which lyrics are which song ?

  2. jessi lynn

    omggosshh, this is amazing
    you blog is totally super
    pop princess and k-swiss until the day we die! XO

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