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New Loves

So I’ve found some more new must-have items. Enjoy!

1. First off are some hot nail polish shades courtesy of O.P.I. These are sure to attract some well deserved attention!


2. Next is the new “O” collection by smashbox, which includes “O-plump” – a lip plumping gloss with the original “O” technology, and an “O- bronze” that creates a different bronze shade for each individual person.

picnik-collagehfdhfd3. So I’ve been hearing a lot of hype surrounding Giorgio Armani’s debut cosmetics collection. I haven’t tried them yet; but they sure do look glamorous! Word around town says certain models “swear by them”. Give em a try, and post your results!


4. Bobbi Brown, the celebrated makeup artist and highly acclaimed author has just released a limited edition “Bobbi Brights” eyeshadow palette. Get it now, while it’s still around!


5. This isn’t really a must-have; more like a must-have-not! So I read about Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo, and decided to give it a try. Bad idea. At least with the spray can version; it clogs. I used it no more than twice, and it’s either empty or clogged. I patiently followed the uncloging instructions on the website: I “removed the nozzle”, “Ran under hot water”, and still no use. So I followed their instructions to check to see if its empty. While it’s not, so I’m taking it back to sephora thank-you very much. WARNING. Never buy this product! Buy the powder version (thats my next step!)


“The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural” – Calvin Klein

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Beauty Must-Haves

We all have them; those products we wouldn’t dare leave the house without having applied beforehand. Here are my “Must Haves”

picnik-collagepicnik-collage-beatfarouk-flat-hairstyling-iron1. What would I do without this miracle foundation? Love it to death on a blotchy day; hate it when I have to fork out $45 for it.

2. O.P.I’s Coney Island Cotton Candy is a great neutral polish. It can be worn with everything, and will get you a surprising number of  “OMFG. What colour is that?”

3. Diorshow mascara. Kind of already a cult fav. & for obvious reasons: designed for models backstage, hugenormous brush, magical fake lashes effect.

4. Chanel irredescent powder. Colourless so you need not worry about looking like freakish ghostbuster character or the child that never ventures outside. Sets makeup, and absorbs oil like a dream. Again, love it when I look like I’ve been sweating for about 6 hours, hate it when I have to cough up $65 for it.

5.  Vera Wang Princess… AMAZING. Smells like vanilla, but not in a tacky drugstore kind of way. Alluring, and not overpowering. People always say it smells nice, but don’t know why.

6. Elizibeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. Straight from the hands of god. This is how he keeps his face moisturized in the dry air above the clouds.

7. Lancome eye palette in dolphin dance. Looks stripper- esque at the counter, but looks a lot more chic, a lot less freak, once applied. Can be used as a shadow, liner, or cream liner (comes with instruction pamphlet!)

8. Smashbox cream waterproof jet set eyeliner in dark brown. Looks natural, and creates smokey looks when needed. Also great for everyday use.

9. CHI flatiron + curly hair= MIRACLE

Without this product I would not leave my house sans a paper bag.

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Spring Shows

It’s that time again! Although we’re still 5 feet under snow & slush, the new spring collections are out. Here are the best (& the worst) of this seasons offerings.


Christophe Decarnin has done it again! Nothing to say against this collection. Love it!



Very dissappointed; all I can say.


Does this not remind you of big bird from sesame street?


Decent I guess, but I would never wear all the pieces together.


… drop-crotch pants + ugly neon yellow sandals + 4 square cm of fabric on top= disaster

Stella McCartney


This collection was fabulous and neutral all in one. How many designers can pull off a jaw-dropping outfit in only beiges and whites?


Yves St. Laurent

Love the clothing! Hate the shoes!



Amazing! Everything is gorgeous. The silhouettes and lines are crisp, and the colors are subtle and refined, yet they still pop.


Christian Louboutin

The spring collection made its debut at Philip Lim’s 2009 spring show. The outcome was tremendously successful.


Just a smidge tacky…





Favorite Designers for Spring 09?

Mine are Lanvin, Balmain, & Stella, Who Are Yours?

Women should be two things: classy & fabulous – Coco Chanel

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Hairy Guys- Hot! or Not?

So my friend seems to think that hairy boys aren’t hot. Some aren’t, but some are smokin! Proof?


Harry Potter anyone?


Duno who this is, but he has “blue steel” down pat





These guys are HOT! No doubt, and just for clarification, Chad Michael Murray DOES have some fuzz!

Honestly, no body hair makes a guy look like a girl. & you know they shave, like eww, i don’t want my dude stealing MY razor to shave his chest. Gross.

Verdict: Hair is Hot!

Men should be like coffee:  hot, sweet & strong- anon

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As Seen On… Must-Have Buys


These Dior Extreme Cutout Sandals were worn by Sarah J.P in Sex & the City the Movie. Rumor has it that you have to get on a waiting list to get on the waiting list!


The Marc Jacobs “Stam Bag” is a classic structured bag, with a slightly modern, edgy twist. No wonder it’s so popular! But style comes with a hefty price tag. $1, 495.00, to be exact.


So technically, we didn’t exactly “spot” a specific must-have item. But Camilla Belle sure is unique! Every time she appears on the red carpet she looks fabulously refined and elegant. Not to mention drop-dead gorgeous!


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