Frugal Fashionistas

So as the recession drones on, I feel it is appropriate to do a money saving segment. It came to my attention that most fashion magazines bring forth a whole lot of wishy washy nonsense, consisting of lots of “cheaps”, “inexpensives” and “wallet friendly” buys. The only problem is that they are most often cheaply made when their price tag is likewise. Not to mention ugly. hem hem, I mean unattractive.  So I’ve gathered up a few diamonds in the rough, that prove that a low price tag does not have to mean low quality. To start off, Marc Jacobs has his Marc by Marc Jacobs line which is cheaper than the couture line but just as modern and edgy. Just look at this amazing, quality, leather bag for only $348! And he’s done it again with his new capsule collection called Don’t Miss the Marc. Although some accuse him of compromising quality for a low manufacturing price, I beg to differ. Just because the pieces are wild, and young doesn’t make them cheap. It makes them unique! When has Marc ever gone the conservative route?!? Plus there are fabulously cheap “special items” only available instore. Bags for about $50!

52713_in_l dont-miss-the-marc-01dont-miss-the-marc-03dont-miss-the-marc-04dont-miss-the-marc-07dont-miss-the-marc-06

Next up is the master of cheap and chic style, H&M. However, this time no quality is sacrificed to provide low price point products.  Case and point, is the Matthew Williamson collection where the price rage is $40- $200.


We all know Isaac Mizrahi for his namesake line and his work for various other houses. His latest collection for label Liz Claiborne is generating a fair amount of buzz. The classic silhouettes are updated with graphic patterns and bright pops of colour. What’s not to love?

Vintage! I know its been ’round the block a couple of times, but it’s still a budget friendly way to snap up awesome pieces.

Here are some excellent vintage shops throughout Canada


I Miss You- From Yves St. Laurent to Hermes, this store has everything! Colour coded albeit for special theme areas (think fifties cocktail dresses). Although I’ve heard the staff are quite snippy. Located on Ossington Ave. A smidge pricey.


Preloved- Not your usual vintage store. They take vintage clothing, cut it up, sew it back together, and create custom, one of a kind pieces. No one will EVER have the same item. A little pricey for vintage, but it is art. Located on Queen Street.


69 Vintage- A ecclectic mix of prints, colours, and decades, this store is the ultimate in classic under $100 vintage shopping. Located on Queen St. West.



Mintage Vintage- This store provides a friendly atmosphere and brands including Ben Sherman, Cheap Monday, and BB Dakota. Located on Commercial Drive and W 4th Ave.

We all love GAP! Right now I’m craving the boyfriend blazer, and the bright purple tye dye cardi.


So we all adore Aritzia. But the scrumptious Wilfred boyfriend blazer being sold there is the cherry on top of the cake!


the is brought to us by the creators of It’s like an online outlet store! Hundreds and hundreds of brands and pieces with prices slashed up to 70% off. And watch out for flash sales where the bidding on an item is open for one day, and prices decline throughout. How long will you risk waiting for that special piece? Quantities are limited.

Here are the websites for the merchandise discussed

Have fun guilt-lessly saving pennies and scoring great buys!

women have, like, orgasms while they shop“- Ashton Kutcher


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3 responses to “Frugal Fashionistas

  1. Zahara

    Your blog is mediocre,
    so let me get two things straight;
    H&M is NAWT the master of cheap and chic style, it’s just ugly.
    GAP- stands for GAY AND PROUD, why the hell are you wearing it? It is a disgrace to your blog!

    luv you lots, keep on blogging!

    P.S. I’ll be watching you

  2. Michelle

    I beg to differ with Zahara…every time I’ve worn something I’ve bought from H&M I get major compliments, and have been mistaken for a model. H&M is a great choice during this recession when you can’t splurge as much on higher end items, and it never looks as cheap as it really is!

    Also, I love your blog 🙂 I just came across it today but I am already addicted!

  3. H&M is such an ideal shop in the recession – I love being able to buy cheaper versions of high street clothes in there. Perfect.

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