~The Book~

I collect all my inspirations, photography, fashion, makeup references, and world travel souvenirs in one large binder. A couple times a month I sit down to a good movie (ahem, harry potter) and whip out the collage kit. Scissors, glue, a massive stack of vogues, bazaars, and foreign reads I pick up in my travels, and a glass of chocolate milk. I carefully sieve through all the articles and if I find something interesting I tear it out. I cut the items out neatly, and glue them onto a page of scrapbook paper, whole-punch them, and insert them into my book of wonders. I do this a couple times to each magazine to ensure nothing is missed. It relaxes me. This way, I can dispose of my old, cluttered, magazines without feeling like I’ve thrown something important away. Because everything important is added to the book. It’s become something of a shopping list/to-do list/aspirations list. I find myself owning a few more items in my book everytime I flip through it. It’s satisfying knowing I’m spending my money on something I have been gazing at for months, years even. I no longer make spur-of-the-moment purchases, only stratigically planned ones. The book also gives me something to look forward to: maybe one day when I have a good job I can seize the moment (and the money) and splurge on that $1300 burberry trench, or those $800 Chrisatian Louboutin pumps. I take it everywhere, planes, trains, and picnics; just incase anything pops into my head or I find something along my journey. It’s a great friend. It keeps you company during long flights; just grab an airport magazine and snip away. It keeps you company during long summer nights with nothing else to do; just grab a seat and some old photos. It keeps you company when you’re far away from home; it’s a familiar presence. It keeps you company and redirects you when you feel lost. My book is my best friend, because it’s who I am, and who I want to be.
Today, I look at my book and realize that a binder is probably not the most appropriate casing for everything that I love in life. But how to present it? It’s a hard question, because a wimpy duotang, or scrapbook could not contain the majesty that is the book. I suppose the only thing that might work would be an elaboratly decorated, fancy, sort of binder. But how to decorate? I really am at a lose. Help! There are a few examples below, but I need suggestions! (:


“Vogue has knitting books?”


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