Sunny D-amage


Attractive? Tempting? Sexy?

You look hot when you have a tan; yes, that’s true. But in a recent study by UCLA, skin tint came in 15th in a ranking of features that the opposite sex notices first. Anyways, do you really want someone in your life who cares how dark your skin is? And who is willing to jeopardize your health to achieve an UN-healthy glow? Probably not; if you do please stop reading this and never return to my blog.

A tan is actually cells that are severely damaged. As we all know tanning causes cancer, but why do we avoid #2 plastic water bottles like the plague, but lapse up a known cancer-trigger? “Because skin cancer isn’t even in the back of teen’s mind’s” says Kaity, 17.


Here are the harsh facts if you are a tan-o-holic:

  • you will probably get skin cancer (ahemm,  teens that visit tanning beds increase their skin cancer risk by 75%)
  • if you dodge the cancer bullet, you will end up looking like a slightly worn, Hermes crocodile handbag by the time you are 50. Gross
  • if you avoid consequences one and two, you will have wasted approximately 30 hours of your year, e.g. 2400 hours of your life mindlessly striving for “a look” that disappears the moment winter comes round. Good on you. You are officially the stupidest tool on the planet. Congrats


Amazingly Attractive? Super Sexy? Tantalizingly Tempting?

NO. Creepy Lizard Lady. That’s YOU in 30 years. Yes, that was barf that forced its way up your throat just now.


You are more likely to die from overexposure to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays than  paint fumes, lead poisoning, drowning, and drug o.d-ing put together .

Here are some great fair role models.


A little thin, but cancer and hamburg free!


A little creepy, but wrinkle free creepy.

premade2A little… perfect? Yep, though so.

“I can’t take a well-tanned person seriously”-  Cleveland Amory


Check out updated Photography!


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