Fall 2009 Shows

It’s that time again. That moment when your just getting excited about summer, and all the fabulous sun-suitable clothes that need to be purchased; when you realize that FALL collections are out. I know, I know, all the focus is on boots, coats, and fanciful layers when all you really want are dresses, wispy little tees, and sandals. But no worries! This gives you time to consider the buys you will make this fall; after all, in these economically unstable times consideration is key!


bcbg-max-azria-fall-2009-collection-1Max Azria’s collection was rich, consistent and intrigueing; though nothing particularly special. I did however LOVE the bronze leggings. Incorperating a tincey, wincey, bit of eighties style into the clothes, without going full-out neon, ray-ban-ish, and hideous.



The Lanvin collection was timeless and sophistiated. A far reach from their spring collection. The suit were exceptionally well tailored, and easily wearable. The dresses could carry you from office to a night out without even having to add jewels or makeup. There is nothing more to say; other than c’est fantastic!



Gucci was also amazing. And also brilliantly tailored! I love it. The black leggings are wearable and classic while the satin extras offer a certain diversity. Loving the cut of the one shoulder pieces.

Marc Jacobs

marc-jacobs-fall09-11previewmarc-jacobs-fall09-8previewmarc-jacobs-fall09-6previewOdd? Yes. Eighties? Just a bit. Ugly? Somehow not.

The bright colours strained eyes, the mammoth shoulders tested models balence, and the 2 toned ensambles still didn’t shock. Because it’s Marc Jacobs. This is what we expect, and love. Personal fav? The gray sweater dress with crazy leggings.

Michael Kors

michael-kors-fall-09-men1michael-kors-fall-09-women-2Chic, matrix-like clean lines, and ONCE AGAIN fabulous tailoring. Am I sensing a trend? Whoops, no. Just a classic.

Sorry to offend those of you who are devoted to old world glamour and cuts. My apologies; looks like your instyle now!

Dries Van Noten

blog_pfw_fall09_dries_van_notendries-van-noten-fall-2009-show-women-management-new-york-blog-kasia-struss-2dries-van-noten-fall-2009-show-women-management-new-york-blog-nimue-smitRetro chic at its best! Odd colour combos, and cheeky glasses combined with classic pieces equals one fab show!

Not to mention the endless variety of prints and textures. The animal-skin trench? So unique.

Bottega Veneta

00320m2009milanfashionweekbottegavenetafashionps6nkkcsc7kl2009milanfashionweekbottegavenetafashionrjvxpjt2ml5lbottega-veneta-fall09-391-de-85810655bottega-veneta07000x0361x526Gorgeous! Neutrals can create stand-out pieces!


blumarine-fall09-011-deblumarine-fall09-019-de-56043988blumarine-fall09-527-de-42442430blumarine-fall09-170-de-8217075Love the tight silhouettes in comparison to the loose coats. Not so much the designers Andy Warhol of HERSELF. Ego much?


versace-fall09-166-de-63943436versace-fall09-362-de-168841791versace-fall09-495-de-44639756Cheeseball? Yes. Trashy? Yes. Unsophisticated? Not altogether.

The first two are hot for nights out, but the last one? It’s not really necessary. Unless you want to look like a slimy turquoise mermaid. Sorry, Donatella.


The looks that I loved from the collections I hated. Sorry designers; you only managed to present one decent look out of about 40. Cheers!





Looks above by Zac Posen, Pucci, DKNY, and Derek Lam

“a good model can advance fashion by 10 years”

-Yves St. Laurent


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