Spring Cleaning

As I’m writing this, I’m glancing around my room is disgust. You see, it’s an awful mess. Now I will proide you with stylish and glam ways to dress up your room, closet/walk-in, and bathroom. Although it may take me awhile to get started on the daunting task of throwing out last season’s crap, and displaying new purchases; I have full confidence that you are a little less stubborn than I am. With no further ado…


  • Use a statue head and pretty hooks to display jewelry. Another cool idea is to use a tiered desserts tray to show-off your jems.
  • Photos! A room without photos is like milk without chocolate; ugly and pointless.
  • Create a board where you pin or attach all your travel photos, inspiring images, photo booth pics, and anything that catches your interest.
  • Wall stickers are a girls best friend. You can purchase ones with quotes, or designs. Stick, rub, peel, and voila! Instant chic.
  • Lastly pick a theme for the room. Not an over the top surfer or pink theme. Something timeless; say, perhaps Paris, London, New York, Sea, floral, Victorian, earthy, etc…qqqqqqqqqqqqqq


  • Get a chair. Please. It makes everything look pulled together and elegant. It also allows you to lay clothes out the night before, and sit while considering options.
  • A full length mirror is a must. How are you supposed to assess an outfits potential while teetering on top of a chair  trying to glimpse how your shoes look in the mirror four feet off the ground.
  • Open shelving is cheap, and an ideal way to survey your inventory. No stupid chests of drawers. Those are only good for your sweet nothings, socks, and possibly those hideous Crocs you refuse to trash.
  • Hang pictures of people and designs that inspire you. This will help set the mood for the rest of the day and provide inspiration.
  • Get a clear glass cylinder container and roll belts in on top of one another. Do the same with colourful opaque tights, scarves, or anything else you want to keep organized but can’t bare to hide away.
  • Have separate shelves for sunglasses, wallets, bags, and shoes.
  • Use funky bookends to prop up small bags and clutches.
  • Get a delicate little table to put magazines, and tea on. Or you could glue together those shoe boxes that are stored away in your closet to create a storage table. (only the nice ones please, no Croc boxes please)
  • Lastly, keep a small box to put extra buttons and thread in that are always attached to new clothes. You know what I’m talking about; the ones that are still attached to your shirt when you go to a party?z127537256z124004326


  • Get containers for EVERYTHING. Brushes in one, face products in  another etc… It makes cleaning the counter a whole lot easier.
  • Display photos of loved ones on the counter, it instantly makes a bathroom look classy.
  • Tack pictures up of hairstyles/makeup looks you want to try.
  • Put your colourful shampoos and lotions into clear pump or glass bottles. It makes your shower look less like a drugstore and more like a boutique or apothicary.
  • Get a funky shower curtain to liven things up.
  • Lastly, keep it CLEAN. Even the most fabulous bathroom will look attrocious if its covered in crap. marimekko-hetkia-shower-curtain

Woman- “When I’m cranky, I clean”

Man- “Your house must be spotless!”

– Anon.


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