New Loves

So I’ve found some more new must-have items. Enjoy!

1. First off are some hot nail polish shades courtesy of O.P.I. These are sure to attract some well deserved attention!


2. Next is the new “O” collection by smashbox, which includes “O-plump” – a lip plumping gloss with the original “O” technology, and an “O- bronze” that creates a different bronze shade for each individual person.

picnik-collagehfdhfd3. So I’ve been hearing a lot of hype surrounding Giorgio Armani’s debut cosmetics collection. I haven’t tried them yet; but they sure do look glamorous! Word around town says certain models “swear by them”. Give em a try, and post your results!


4. Bobbi Brown, the celebrated makeup artist and highly acclaimed author has just released a limited edition “Bobbi Brights” eyeshadow palette. Get it now, while it’s still around!


5. This isn’t really a must-have; more like a must-have-not! So I read about Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo, and decided to give it a try. Bad idea. At least with the spray can version; it clogs. I used it no more than twice, and it’s either empty or clogged. I patiently followed the uncloging instructions on the website: I “removed the nozzle”, “Ran under hot water”, and still no use. So I followed their instructions to check to see if its empty. While it’s not, so I’m taking it back to sephora thank-you very much. WARNING. Never buy this product! Buy the powder version (thats my next step!)


“The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural” – Calvin Klein


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