Beauty Must-Haves

We all have them; those products we wouldn’t dare leave the house without having applied beforehand. Here are my “Must Haves”

picnik-collagepicnik-collage-beatfarouk-flat-hairstyling-iron1. What would I do without this miracle foundation? Love it to death on a blotchy day; hate it when I have to fork out $45 for it.

2. O.P.I’s Coney Island Cotton Candy is a great neutral polish. It can be worn with everything, and will get you a surprising number of  “OMFG. What colour is that?”

3. Diorshow mascara. Kind of already a cult fav. & for obvious reasons: designed for models backstage, hugenormous brush, magical fake lashes effect.

4. Chanel irredescent powder. Colourless so you need not worry about looking like freakish ghostbuster character or the child that never ventures outside. Sets makeup, and absorbs oil like a dream. Again, love it when I look like I’ve been sweating for about 6 hours, hate it when I have to cough up $65 for it.

5.  Vera Wang Princess… AMAZING. Smells like vanilla, but not in a tacky drugstore kind of way. Alluring, and not overpowering. People always say it smells nice, but don’t know why.

6. Elizibeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. Straight from the hands of god. This is how he keeps his face moisturized in the dry air above the clouds.

7. Lancome eye palette in dolphin dance. Looks stripper- esque at the counter, but looks a lot more chic, a lot less freak, once applied. Can be used as a shadow, liner, or cream liner (comes with instruction pamphlet!)

8. Smashbox cream waterproof jet set eyeliner in dark brown. Looks natural, and creates smokey looks when needed. Also great for everyday use.

9. CHI flatiron + curly hair= MIRACLE

Without this product I would not leave my house sans a paper bag.


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